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#classifieds 132 Precious moments, most retired or suspended some rare can send an excel sheet of items
Mar 19
#classifieds selling just over 300 Mary moo moos have all the jonh deere cows
Mar 15
#classifieds #Boyds selling entire Boyd's Resin. NIB, some 1/2E email at Downsizing want to sell
Mar 13
#classifieds looking to sell snow babies collection, many retired. Email me at
Mar 9
#classifieds looking to sell cherished teddies collection from 1994 and on....will send list open to offers. email me at ceningseg@gmail.c
Mar 6
For more information on BNIP Lladro Lord Ganesha (01001965) email me at: #classifieds
Feb 28
#classifieds Large collection of Precious Moments. Ask for pics.
Feb 23
#classifieds Selling several retired color armani figurines. Most are double signed by armani himself. In boxes with certificates for most
Feb 23
#classifieds Large collection- Snowbabies & Dickens Village that I am selling. All in original boxes & excellent condition. Ask for list!
Feb 19
#classifieds downsizing.large collection of #MARYMOOMOOS need to sell. Figurines, plates, lots
Feb 8
#classifieds I have a large collection of precious moments all in boxes would like to sell at $15. Each
Feb 2
#classifieds Selling Giuseppe Armani sculptures, Aurora (Lady on horse) and La Pieta in mint condition.
Jan 27
#Classifieds Selling a few pieces(due to downsizing and less-than-adequate storage). Here is a partial list: The Christmas Carol Cottage w/Smoking Chimney- Dickens' Village Series (Heritage Village Collection) Town Square Gazebo- Dickens' Village Series (Heritage Village Collection) Lobster Trappers- Heritage Village Collection Yes, Virginia Boulder Springs House- The Original Snow Village Let it Snow, Snowman Sign- Village The Christmas Shop- The Original Snow Village Feeding the Birds- The Original Snow Village Chopping Firewood- The Original Snow Village Snow Carnival, Ice Sculptures- Original Snow Village
Jan 21
Selling a complete collection of Department 56 Dickens Village all in great condition in boxes.#classifieds
Jan 20
#classifieds Selling a collection of WDCC all in mint condition in boxes.Pieces from Snow White,Cinderella,Bambi,& more. Message me for list
Jan 18
#classifieds Numerous #Marys Moo Moo figurines to sell
Jan 15
#classifieds I have for sale boxed and mint condition. Derek, Wendall, Snowbear. Get in touch if you are interested.
Jan 14
#classifieds looking for Thomas kinkade houses for a Christmas village.
Jan 13
#classifieds - Have over 80 Snowbabies in pristine condition. $10 to $25 (for larger pieces) -
Jan 8
#classifieds selling matching pair of Boyds Bears CELESTE ANGEL TRUCT WITH HOPE Limited Edition-Excellent condition
Jan 1
#classifieds We have a Fairly large selection of Dreamsicles including plates and some large figurines. We are looking to sell.
Dec 27
#classifieds also email at
Dec 24
#classifieds I'm wanting to buy out entire collections, if your interested send me a message
Dec 24
#classifieds - SEARCHING FOR "Lady Justice" Defender of Justice Vanmark
Dec 21
#classifieds @staci97321s #VERY INTERESTED IN YOUR SNOW BABIES. I have a few but would love more.
Dec 21
#classifieds - I have a nice collection of Cherished Teddies, in great shape. If interested please email me at
Dec 21
#classifieds - Looking for Disney collections to buy out for my small business. Shoot me a message if interested.
Dec 20
#classifieds. I have a large amount of like new pocket dragons. & Dragon rider which just sold on @$300 debbiehav025@gmail
Dec 19
#classifieds I have a large amount of Boyds bears for sale. Feel free to message me liz-anthony-jake
Dec 13
#classifieds I have several gently used Dept 56 pieces that I'd like to sell. Original boxes and styrofoam included.
Dec 12
#classifieds Looking for Beauty and the Beast WDCC pieces. Feel free to PM me. Thanks!
Dec 7
#classifieds. I have a large Snowbabies Xmas selection. Thinking of thinning it out a bit. All are in the boxes. All are pristine
Dec 7
#classifieds looking to sell 24 Dreamscicles. email if interested
Nov 29
#classifieds Looking for Vintage reindeer in Turquoise...came in tan and also red but I have those 2.
Nov 28
#classifieds Looking to sell entire collection of WDCC. Collection started from 1993 for several years
Nov 21
#classifieds I have many Boyd's bears for sale. Please email me at if you're interested.
Nov 20
#classifieds I have Precious Moments figurines that are ready to have a new home. You can email me direct at
Nov 12
#classifieds #seraphimangels I have 250+ Seraphim Angel Classics to rehome, from Alyssa to mid-00 angels. email:
Nov 11
#classifieds Looking to buy WDCC Sleeping Beauty Spinning Wheel and Love's First Kiss
Nov 11
#classifieds #armanifigurines Auction with 62 Armani figurines selling November 16, 2016. Check out for more info!
Nov 1
#classifieds Looking to sell several pieces of North Pole. Condition ranges from near mint to excellent!
Oct 28
#classifieds looking to sell collection of Dreamsicles
Oct 26
#classifieds looking to sell several of my 90' Boyd's Bear and Friends
Oct 25
#classifieds Looking to sell several Dickens Village pieces. All in original boxes and in good condition!
Oct 23
#classifieds How so I go about listing my collection for sale?
Oct 19
#classifiedsSelling my Charming Tails collection. Have some early pieces. Wanna Play, Love Mice, Two Peas in a Pod, plus many more.
Oct 16
#classifieds Collection of Dreamsicles available
Oct 11
#classifieds 40 Heritage Village items for sale; mint
Oct 11
#classifieds 45 Dickens Village Series items for sale; mint
Oct 11
#classifieds I have a large collection of WDCC that are NIB with COA. These are from a non smoking home.
Oct 1
#classifieds Looking for ENTIRE collections to buy out! I am a small Disney business and need some new inventory! Located in Central Jersey!
Oct 1
#classifieds have 5 Boyd's resin pieces w/o boxes and 3 plush Boyd's with tags to sell.
Sep 28
#classifieds If interested, email me at
Sep 27
#classifieds I have 5 Armani Giuseppe figurines for sale. Morning Ride, Aurora, Winter - Winter Chill, Summer - Sunshine, Lady On A Horse
Sep 27
#classifieds I have 42 Charming Tails that I need gone. Please if you are interested email me at
Sep 25
#classifieds if interested in any of my Charming Tail pieces email me at
Sep 24
#classifieds Selling my Charming Tails collection. Have some early pieces. Wanna Play, which is signed in 1998 and numbered.
Sep 24
#classifieds selling my Boyds bear stones and some plush. Excellent condition with original boxes. Please email
Sep 16
#classifieds Looking to buy a WDCC Beauty & Beast Prince figurine
Sep 12
#classifieds Looking to sell a few pieces of my WDCC collection. Please contact me if looking for anything specific.
Sep 12
#classifieds looking to sell part of my precious moments collection. All in good condition no boxes. Email me
Sep 7
#classifieds I have a large collection of Dept 56 Over 400 pieces to sell if anyone is interested please Email me only serious inquiries .
Sep 4
#classifieds I have a large selection of dreamsicles. A lot of numbered pieces. Send me a email if interested.
Sep 3
#classifieds Looking to sell entire collection of Snow Village including accessories. All pieces have been discontinued & in original boxes.
Aug 18
#classifieds looking to sell 31 WDCC mint in box figurines from beauty and the beast, Cinderella, Bambi, and more
Aug 13
#classifieds must sell North Pole village collection pices start from the first house and up. 2500.00 bo.
Aug 8
#classifieds Selling 2 mint condition Seraphim Angels. 1997 Limited Edition Ariel"Heaven's Shining Star" & 1995 Serena"Angel of Peace"
Aug 7
#classifieds Boyds Bearstone Collection Buzzy Chancetaker $20.00
Aug 3
#classifieds #ForSale - Barn find - Boxes and boxes and boxes of Mary's Moo Moos.Almost all in original boxes and boxes and boxes...
Aug 3
#classifieds #pm Trying to sell Precious Moments Collectible Figurines that were inherited. Great Deals on figurines in excellent condition.
Aug 3
#classifieds #tosell Mickey in Delivery Boy, Goofy in Symphony Hour, Bambi Hello There 50th Anniversary and Mickey In Plutos Christmas Tree
Jul 29
#classifieds Looking to sell 17 cherished teddies, some with original boxes and certificates, please contact me if interested
Jul 28
#classifieds. I have a lot of mint condition Dept 56, and some Waterford 12 Days Christmas Flutes. Anyone interested to purchase?
Jul 23
#classifieds Looking to sell Dreamsicle figurines and stuffed animals . I can send pics.
3 hours ago
#classifieds I am looking to sell my 106 piece Snowbaby collection. All purchased between 1992-2004. All original boxes and paperwork.
Jul 18
#classifieds I am looking to sell my large harmony kingdom collection all first edtions and made in england many signed and numbered pieces
Jul 1
#classifieds have limited canadian edition exclusive Take friendship under your wing for sale. Also have It's your move-no original box.
Jun 25
#classifieds I have several charming tails for sale I'm so sorry, Mini curio cabinet, A snowy trio, contact at
Jun 25
#classifieds I am looking to sell an extensive Cherished Teddy collection. All from 1994- early 2000's. All in original boxes with paperwork
Jun 18
#classifieds I am selling a part of my Precious Moments and Snow Babies collections - most of which are NIB and never been displayed.
Jun 11
#classifieds I am selling my Mary Moo'so collection. I have 24 total. All are in good
Jun 10
#classifieds Selling my collection of Cherished teddies, Mary moo moo's, and Precious Moments.
Jun 5
#classifieds looking to sell VIB Bears including the Disney VIB Bears.
Jun 5
#classifieds Looking to sell Cherished Teddies and Precious Moments collections.
May 30
#classifieds I have approximately 100 Cherish Teddies in original boxes. Most are from the early to mid 90s.
May 24
#classifieds I have about 40 Department 56 North Pole Series Houses to sell. All have boxes and cords.
May 24
#classifieds Hello my name is Steven and I have many Harmony Kingdom pieces that I would like to sell Steven FS Tel: 1-760-681-2473
May 19
#classifieds-mrb3090T-I have Precious Moments to sell, retired figurines, cups, and dolls. Contact me at
May 14
#classifieds i have a large collection of cherished teddies - new in box - been stored since purchase. Is it possible to post an album?
May 12
#classifieds Looking for an Armani Diana running with two dog shooting backwards with a pink dress, brown hair.
May 11
#classifieds Have three Cows on Parade to sell - Mother Frog, Moomaid, and a small Moondrain. Reasonable prices.
May 11
#classifieds large collection of Boyds Bears to sell. All in excellent condition with tags. Pictures available upon request
May 7
#classifiedsI have three Giuseppe Armani figurine for sale. Very low, reasonable price. Lady with flowers, with Yorker and with poodle.
May 3
#classifiedsi am new how does their thing work can I post a picture
May 2
#classifiedshave a few snow babies willing to sell any interest
May 2
#classifieds Looking to sell my collection of Cherished Teddies. listing on profile. need to sell due to in grad school
Apr 27
#classifieds Looking to sell 14 Seraphim Classics Angels as a group, for $200. Two are signed by the Master Sculptor, Gaylord Ho.
Apr 21
#classifieds I have a Carousel Claus that I would like to sell if interested please contact me. It has never been displayed.
Apr 19
#classifieds first good price for all 28 today preferably 5742025064
Apr 10
#classifieds I have 28 different Mary moo moosto sell
Apr 10
#classifieds looking to sell my cow parade figurines. 21 of them; no boxes but they have their swing tags. email
Apr 7
#classifieds looking to sell all my Dickens Village houses and accessories. Email me
Apr 7
#classifiedsI have boxes full of cherished teddies in the original boxes! Looking to sell at cheap prices! email at
Apr 1
#classifieds I have boxes full of cherished teddies in the original boxes! Looking to sell at cheap prices! email at
Apr 1
#classifieds I want to sell large dreamsicles collection. email me
Mar 24
#classifieds Looking to sell my Just the Right Shoe collection. email:
Mar 21
#classifieds selling G. Armani "Venus" perfect condition original box and cert.
Mar 16
#classifieds looking to sell G. armani limited edition "Daybreak" 1762C #1 of the 5000 produced, box & cert.
Mar 16
#classifieds looking to sell ariel and eric "two worlds one heart" very reasonably priced. Email
Mar 16
#classifieds I have 100 or more Cherish Teddies. I have some retired. want to sell. email
Mar 11
#classifieds Looking to sell several snowbabies from the 90's and early 2000's. Email me if interested in any pieces.
Mar 7
#classifieds looking to sell my cherished teddies collection email
Mar 6
#classifieds Selling HUGE LOT OF CHERISHED TEDDIES. ALL like new,in box w/paperwork. email me @
Mar 3
#classifieds Selling HUGE LOT OF CHERISHED TEDDIES. ALL like new,in box w/paperwork. email me @
Mar 3
#classifieds Selling HUGE LOT OF CHERISHED TEDDIES. ALL like new,in box w/paperwork. email me @
Mar 3
#classifieds Looking to rehome my Boyds house collection. Many 1st me questions and interest
Feb 29
#classifiedsl Looking for North Pole series Coca Cola fizz factory,rubber duck factory, m&m factory Dumpys trucks ,toots train mfg
Feb 29
#classifieds SELLING - Snowbabies I have 100+ pieces from the 90's looking to see. email any questions and interests
22 hours ago
#classifieds Many Dickens Village pieces for sale - please contact for list
Feb 14
#classifieds i have 11 snowbabies for sale email for list. all in original boxes and great condition.
Feb 13
#classifieds Donovan B. Bear, vintage Hallmark Christmas ornaments, Beanie Babies & Buddies scipiorocket@hotmail,.com all great condition.
Feb 6
#classifieds I have the first few years of WDCC figurines and many are unopened still in the box.
Feb 2
#classifieds Cherished Teddies for sale! Most with boxes and certificates, email me if you would like a list/photos
Feb 1
#classifieds I have over 60 Snowbabies most in mint condition. I need to liquidate quickly. Will listen to all offers.
Jan 31
#classifieds#dept56 I have many pieces of the Dickens Village collection to sell.
Jan 31
#classifieds #dreamsicles looking to sell part of my collection if interested please email me
Jan 24
#classifieds #cherishedteddies I have 100s of cherished teddies I'm looking to sell. Some are nursery rhyme, circus, sweetheart sets, & rare
Jan 20
#classifieds #garmaniclown looking to sell. Email me for more info
Jan 19
#classifieds#PRECIOUS MOMENTS 16" vinal dolls for sale. Most are excellent to mint condition. MUST SELL
Jan 15
#classifieds#Snowbabies for sale Email me at
Jan 12
#classifieds#AshtonDrakeGalleries MOMMY IM SLEEPY, TICKLES, YUMMY... want to sell Email me at
Jan 12
#classifieds. Need to liquidate my collection of boyds. Have some interesting ones. Can send my list and pictures
Jan 5
#classifieds I have about 20 Cherished Teddies from the 1993-1997 issues that I am looking to sell. Email me @
Dec 28
#classifieds I have about 20 Cherished Teddies from the 1993-1997 issues that I am looking to sell. Email me @
Dec 28
#classifieds I have about 20 Cherished Teddies from the 1993-1997 issues that I am looking to sell. Email me @ i
Dec 28
#classifieds I have about 20 Cherished Teddies from the 1993-1997 issues that I am looking to sell. Email me @ i
Dec 28
#classifieds - I'm looking for the Charming Tails 12 Days Of Christmas Ornaments
Dec 5
#classifieds- I have a collection of 66 Cherished Teddies purchased between 1996-2001. I have Excel spreadsheet listing names, reg. # & date
Dec 2
#classifieds Looking to buy the following Peanuts pieces - Peppermint Patty's Pet Palace- Pig Pens House- Van Pelt House
Dec 1
#classifieds I have a large Charming Tails collection I will be selling if there is something you are looking for message me. Thanks!
Nov 30
#classifieds I have several snow babies from the 90's I would like to see. All have been added to my collection or I can email a list.
Nov 28
#classifieds Looking for numbers 9-12 of the 12 days of Christmas ornaments
Nov 26
#classifieds Estate sale - 80+ Dickens Village houses and accessories to sell. Email me @ Many retired and limited edition.
Nov 11
#classifieds Estate sale - 80+ Dickens Village houses and accessories to sell. Email me @ Many retired and limited edition.
Nov 11
#classifieds Estate sale - 80+ Dickens Village houses and accessories to sell. Email me @ Many retired and limited edition.
Nov 11
#classifieds have several Seraphim Angels, retired and limited edition, wanting to sell.
Nov 10
#classifieds I am looking to purchase the dreamsicles musical snowglobe D9601 with the song fly me to the moon.
Nov 6
#classifieds want to sell all my charming tails figurines - cheap contact me at 281-450-1044
Oct 31
#classifieds Looking to sell JTRS. All in original box w/ papers. Email if interested in list or specific shoe at
Oct 30
#classifieds have approximately 30 Harmony gardens pieces no boxes cheap!!!! cONTACT ME XXHOTT@YAHOO.COM IF INTERESTED
Oct 26
#classifieds I have a massive collection of snowbabies from the late 80's-mid 2000's that I'm looking to sell-
Oct 23
#classifieds #dept56 -HUGE AUCTION! -Dept. 56 houses & Accessories! -We do ship
Oct 22
#classifieds I have inherited a huge collection. 100's of figurines that go back many years. interested in selling.
Oct 19
#classifieds#dreamsicles I'd like to sell my entire Dreamsicles collection. No boxes, great condition.Email for list
Oct 17
#classifieds I'm looking to sell my Cherished Teddies collection (Excellent-missing box/Good condition. Sorry no boxes or certificates.
Oct 15
#classifieds Looking to sell Pocket Dragons NIB List includes. Please email for list.
Oct 12
#classifieds I am looking to sell my Cherished Bear figurines. No boxes but have original certificates. Contact me at
Oct 5
#classifieds Want to sell my Boyd's Bears collection. All in Mint Condition, most in original boxes.
Sep 29
#classifieds Selling my huge collection of Snowbabies. Some are in original boxes but most are not. Contact me @
Sep 29
#classifieds WDCC for sale, some are of the first created and limited editions. Original boxes, COA, Never displayed
Sep 27
#classifieds Seraphim angels for sale. We owned a store, so brand new with boxes. 2 pond sets, Reflections, redemption pieces. Ask me!
8 hours ago
#classifieds I'm selling my large collection of Cherished Teddies. Email me at No original boxes or paperwork - sorry!
Sep 21
#classifieds I am looking to sell my entire dreamsicle collection!
Sep 20
#classifieds Have Dept. 56 North Pole Series (23 Build. 5 characters), original boxes, mint, selling for $575 -
Sep 13
#classifieds I am interested in buying WDCC pieces at a deep discount. Please email me at with prices if you have any.
Sep 9
#classifieds I have a storage room full of WDCC Walt Disney Classics Collection that have never been opened, looking to sell them all
Sep 8
#classifieds Have Dickens Village houses and accessories to sell. Email me at if interested.
Sep 6
Sep 4
#classifieds I have a large collection of Boyds Bears, Dolls, and Resins all in excellent condition. for list
Sep 3
#classifieds I have many WDCC pieces for sale, all in great condition w/COA and original box. Email if interested
Aug 26
#classifieds Selling huge collection of Snow Village and North Pole-mint condition-in original boxes email for list
Aug 25
#classifieds WDCC pieces for sale. email me at for a list
Aug 19
#classifieds I have several Dreamsicles for sale. Any collectors here that are missing pieces?
Aug 18
#classifiedsLooking to purchase entire Dept 56 collections
Aug 18
#classifieds you can view my collectibles for sale here.
Aug 15
#classifieds I have 5 collectibles from Lady and The Tramp in Mint condition i would like to sell
Aug 15
#classifieds looking for wdcc items, feel free to message me if you have any you're willing to part with
Aug 13
#classifieds I am looking for Charming Tails Moon & Stars water globe and lamp in pink.
Aug 12
#classifieds I would like to sell Christmas in the City Series
Aug 12
#classifieds I would like to sell my Cherished Teddies
Aug 10
#classifieds I would like to sell some of my Snowbabies.
Aug 9
#classifieds I would like to sell a couple of my Limited Edition Armani Figures.
Aug 4
#classifieds I have 25 precious moments for sale plus two tea sets and the nativity set
Aug 3
#classifieds I have cinderella and Prince charming "so this is love" that I want to sell.
Aug 1
#classifieds I have a large collection of Cherished Teddies and Mary Moo Moo's looking to sell. Contact me if interested
Aug 1
#classifieds I have 100 houses of Dickens with lots of people and other things, I want to sell my entire collection.
Jul 24
#classifieds I have a large collection of Pocket dragons early 90's
Jul 21
#classifieds I have a large collection of resin Boyds Bears that I would like to sell.
Jul 18
#classifieds For Sale: EXTENSIVE Precious Moments figurines collection. Too many to list. Complete Noah's Ark set, Sammy's Circus set, etc
Jul 17
#classifieds For sale: 6 different Dept56 Heritage Villages items; 3 Snow Village items; Animated gondola and Skate pond
Jul 7
#classifieds I have several Dickens Village pieces to sell.
Jul 5
#classifieds have high school yearbook collection- estimated 2800 of them; would like to sell all
Jun 29
#classifieds I have a 1981 signed Armani figurine "The Well" that retired in 2002, it's a lovely piece but it must go. Best offer please.
Jun 19
#classifieds Selling my whole JTRS (Just the Right Show) collection! Buy it all or individual items.
Jun 15
#classifiedsI have several Dreamsicles for sale. Any collectors here that are missing pieces?
Jun 11

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